In early April of last year, the state of Arizona adopted what is being considered the nation’s toughest law regarding illegal immigration. The new law has people upset nationwide, including the Justice Department, which has filed a lawsuit with the state. A federal district court judge swatted the law down one day before it was to take effect, calling for a review of specific controversial sections. In April 2011, the State of Arizona was ruled against by the United States Court of Appeals, and the lower court’s decision was permitted.

The law, which is known as Senate Bill 1070, or SB1070, was formulated to discourage immigration from any illegal persons into the state. The bill is centered around economic anxiety and high-profile crimes attributed to illegal immigrants as well as smuggling. Data suggests that crime rate is falling in Arizona as well as nationally, despite the surge of immigration. Supporters of the bill say that it reflects the frustration over inaction by the federal government. Critics on the other hand say that it will only lead to the harassment of Hispanics.

The legislation requires that police officers, when appropriate, should detain people that they consider suspicious, and that may be in the country without authorization. The new law is also making it a crime within the state to not carry immigration papers at all times. If people feel that the federal or state immigration law is not being properly enforced, they’re permitted to sue the local government or agencies.

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