Many states have certain documents that have to be completed before your business can become a legal entity. While the documents are not necessarily long, they can be confusing. There is information that must be included in order for you to incorporate your business. An attorney who specializes in corporate law will be able to help you to ensure that these papers are filled out and filed properly.

Today’s laws governing corporations are much different than they were just a few years ago. Traditionally, incorporating a business meant catering to a specific purpose. In other words, when a movie store incorporated it was simply to sell businesses. That store would not have been legally permitted to expand into other business areas. The movie store that was incorporated would not be permitted to begin selling jewelry or food. Consider a coffee shop that wanted to begin selling hamburgers. Because that shop was incorporated as a coffee shop, that would be all they were allowed to sell.

These laws have changed significantly from traditional laws, allowing businesses the opportunity to branch out and sell other items if they wish. Corporations today have the ability to engage in a number of different activities and even invest in new business opportunities all under the same corporation. These new laws make it much easier for businesses but they can be a bit difficult to understand for those who have never dealt with them.

If you are planning to incorporate your business, an attorney is a must. A corporate attorney will be able to walk you through the incorporation process and ensure that you have all of your ducks in a row, so to speak. Someone who specializes in corporate law will be able to help you to better understand the articles of corporation and what you can and cannot do with your business should you decide to form a corporation.

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