It does not matter what kind of car you have they all need insurance. Many of the ‘exotic’ or super car range are far superior to any other vehicle on the road but the fact is that they need insurance just like everyone else and, in some cases, they actually need a special type of insurance.

There is mandatory coverage even on exotic cars and not every insurer in the country will be able to cover your super car. For example sometimes you may need to go to a specialized insurer that can cover these vehicles and there are several reasons for this. One being that they are far superior in terms of its specifications and therefore go much faster; indeed the chances of crashing one of these exotic cars is far higher hence why not every insurer out there is going to cover you. In addition to this they often contain certain parts and materials that are fairly rare and are not found in other vehicles and as such the actual value of the vehicles is probably far higher than you may realize in a insurance sense so the chances of it being the victim or theft or being targeted are also quite high. The fact that they are also a limited production in some of these vehicles does not help either.

This is not to say that every exotic car out there is going to suffer from ridiculously high insurance rates and premiums however the majority might. Indeed, most insurance companies are quite reluctant to insure these types of vehicles and what you should do is go to one that specializes in exotic cars. This way you are getting expert knowledge and a price that is reflective of the both the market and the vehicle you want to insure.



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