Being approved for long term disability can be difficult and very time consuming. If you feel that you qualify for disability, it may certainly be in your best interest to find an experienced long term disability attorney to assist you. Before you choose an attorney however, there are a few things that you will want to think about.

Unless you know of someone who can help you with your disability case on a personal basis, research is critical. You have to know who is available in your area and who can offer you the best odds of winning your case. Spend some time online and research disability attorneys in your area. Spend some time on their websites learning more about their practice, their case statistics and their experience. Look for those who offer areas of specialty within the disability realm.

It is important that you choose an attorney with whom you feel comfortable. You will be spending a lot of time with this person over the next few months so feeling like you can trust him or her is important. Also make sure that you select someone with a few years of experience in disability cases. You certainly do not want to risk your case with someone who is just starting out in this legal area. Someone with specialties in disability or social security laws may be best.

When you speak with qualified attorneys and before you make your final choice, make sure that the attorney you are considering is completely honest with you about your chances and the process of claiming your disability. Your attorney should answer any inquiries from you in a timely manner and be available or have someone who can keep you updated on your case at all times. Claiming long term disability may take a bit of time but with an experienced and qualified attorney on your side, it may be time well spent.

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