Setting up a company – or a subdivision or branch of your current company – is en easy enough process however doing so in Russia can be slightly more tricky and this is why you will need to hire a Moscow law firm in order to do this diligently and ensure that everything is in order. There were changes to the law back in 2009 that affected the way in which a company can be set up in the country in relation to the documentation required and also the shareholder arrangements as well however, that being said, the country is very favourable to foreign businesses.

The amount of foreign investment in the country is well into the billions and for a nation that was very closed shop only 25 years ago this is quite an extraordinary transformation and the change is plain to see in just about every city in the country. Indeed, the government have also reduced its corporation tax in recent years to try and attract even more investment and business into the country and this is in top of relaxing the immigration laws so that company owners and workers can all move more freely into Russia to be able to work and run businesses there.

The reason that you need a Russian lawyer is because there can be an awful amount of red tape attached to doing many of the seemingly simple tasks when it comes to creating a business and ensuring that everything is in order in terms of its finance arrangements and its tax etc… By using a lawyer this can be ensured to stay on the right side of the law something that you definitely want in a foreign country and given that the government is trying to attract so much foreign investment then it takes you one step closer to success.

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