Humira Claims

When we are given treatment by a doctor or medical professional, regardless of the condition, then it is expected to work properly. We always read labels that say that you may suffer from the following side effects but these are seen as being very minor in comparison to what the treatment is actually doing for you and they are also meant to be temporary for the duration of the treatment itself or until your body becomes used to the treatment method and it is very rarely that you would seek a claim for side effects. However there has been a lot of controversy over Humira in recent years and Humira injury lawyers have been finding more and more people seek their advice over some of the side effects that this treatment can cause.

Humira itself was created to treat a variety of ailments such as Chrohn’s Disease, Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis and Rheumatoid Arthritis. All very painful and life altering conditions but the treatment itself cause severe side effects that many people are now seeking compensation for. While, with average treatment, you can maybe expect a slight headache or an upset stomach, with Humira the side effects were far more severe and included vision impairment and optic nerve damage which can be permanent and difficult to correct. Indeed, many lawyers have been arguing that the company new about these side effects when Humira was being developed and used but did not disclose them and it wasn’t until patients began to experience these side effects that the truth became known.

If you have suffered any sort of adverse side effect from using Humira then it is advised that you seek legal help because you could be able to get compensation for the side effects caused.

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