Supreme Court Justice Thomas Raffaele who resides over the Supreme Court for Queens County, New York, claims that he was assaulted by an officially unnamed New York City Police officer. The unnamed officer and the events of the incident is being investigated by the Inernal Affairs Bureau for the New York Police Department as well as the Civilian Complaint Reveiew Board but it should be noted that the officer is still officially on duty. According to Raffaele, the incident occurred on June 1st of 2012 where the police officer in question was arresting a citizen in an overly violent manner by repeatedly ramming his knee into the suspect’s back over and over. A crowd quickly congregated around the event and although no one in the crowd actually performed any actions against the arresting officers, many members of the crowd did criticize the officers what they viewed as unnecessary force. Raffaele claimed that the officer in question randomly chose him from the crowd and assaulted him by punching him in the throat; Raffaele also claims he assaulted other people in the crowd as well.

Raffaele did not identify himself as a Supreme Court justice at the event but he believes this particular officer is a menace and should not be allowed to represent the New York Police Department. Because of the typical working relationship that most judges and police officers enjoy, legal actions from either parties are quite uncommon but Raffaele sincerely believes in this instance that the accused police officer went way over the line. Despite these events, Raffaele says he believes that the district attorney will ultimately decide if official charges will be placed against the officer in question. He declares that he still has full faith in the New York Police Department and that this is an example of a single bad apple and it not indicative of widespread corruption. The events of this issue will have long lasting effects in the legal realm for New York City if charges are brought against the officer.

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