What makes a good lawyer? An understanding of the legal system is obviously required as is a high level of intelligence however what about EI? Emotional intelligence is something that can often be overlooked when using a lawyer but it does play a very important part in the law and if we use a lawyer that does have a high level of EQ then the chances of us being more successful with our case is increased. Why is this? Well to answer this question we first have to ascertain what emotional intelligence actually is.

Put simply we can define it as the ability to analyze and make a decision based on other people’s emotions and also to perceive or own as well to ensure that they do not get the better of us and that we can still think and act rationally. You can findĀ many emotional intelligence (EQ) resource online – in fact there are many of them – and they can all help you to better understand your own level of emotional intelligence and what to look out for in others. However when it comes to a lawyer then having EI is something that is important.

For a start we want a lawyer to be able to emphasize with us and to understand what we are feeling and thinking so that when the time comes to defend our case then they can act accordingly. Many law firms now look out for signs of emotional intelligence in their employee’s and this is a step in the right direction in terms of the whole legal profession. While EI has only really been around for the past two decades or so it is starting to play an important part in many businesses around the world which the legal world is just one of them.

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