For millions of people, obtaining a Green Card in the United States of America is a life goal as it opens up the possibility of a substantially enhanced lifestyle and he prospect of working in better conditions and also for better pay. Once way to do this is through the green card lottery that has become a popular way of getting this permanent residency visa; however, how are you legally eligible to meet the requirements necessary to apply in this lottery?

Basically, the law requires that you meet 2 sets of criteria in order to qualify for participation in this lottery. The first is that you must be a native of a country that is currently on the eligible country list and without this status there is no chance of you gaining a green card through this lottery. Indeed, the very fact that this system was implemented so that potential immigrants from countries that were underrepresented in the USA could gain a green card is reflected in the makeup of the list and many countries that you would expect to be on there are not. The likes of the UK (although Northern Ireland is on the list) and Canada are excluded while Uzbekistan and Armenia are on the list in question. That being said, a legal loophole in this system means that you can still apply through the native country of your parents if you do not currently live, or you yourself are a native of, in a included country.

The second legal requirement that you must fulfil is being able to show that you can add to the economy (so you must work in an industry and a job that is employable) or be able to show that you have a standard of education that matches the USA styled high school diploma.

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