Today’s business owners have found many benefits in having websites to support their companies. Unfortunately, new technologies offer not only benefits but a few drawbacks. Owning a website can be a wonderful way to promote your business and even add revenue but there are many legal liabilities that website owners can face. Copyright violations, data breaches, invasion of privacy and defamation of character are but a few of the potential legal problems that you could be facing if you are not careful with your website.

Many areas of your website need to be carefully scrutinized to ensure that you are not setting yourself up for a lawsuit. You have to understand that the potential for legal issues is much greater online than in the real world because there are literally hundreds of millions of internet users, any of which could happen upon your website at any given moment. You have to ensure that you are not infringing on anyone’s intellectual property rights and this includes things like using website content that was written by someone else. If you do not have the author’s permission to use such content, you could face copyright infringement issues.

Having a good privacy policy on your site is essential. You want your visitors to know that you are not storing or otherwise using any personal information that they may input on your site. Website owners have to be aware of the legal problems that they could face and they should stop those potential problems before they cause issues. If you are unsure of what legalities are involved in running a website, you can speak with an attorney about your site and what you can do to protect yourself and your business from potential lawsuits. A website can be a great addition to your company but just as you would protect yourself from lawsuits in person, you have to be prepared to protect yourself online as well.

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