How do you go about being successful in a contentious probate case? The issue of changing a will is a complicated one and you need to find good contentious probate solicitors to argue your case. There are a few ways in which you would be able to overturn a will or at least have you included if that is that you are trying to do. The most obvious way to do this is to prove that the person who made the will did not have all their mental faculties when it came to making the will itself. This can be proved predominately by medical records etc… however it is a fairly difficult thing to do but, crucially, it is not impossible and a good lawyer should be able to do this if there is substantial evidence to prove it.

Another way to successfully dispute a will is through the children that the subject of the will. If their parents or lone parent passes away then it is the issue of custody that comes in question and you may be able to argue that the people in the will that would become their legal guardians if their parents were not around would not be suitable through a variety of factors.

The most important thing in both of these cases is that you get a good solicitor to take your side. You should be able to get on well with your solicitor as a professional level because this will help immensely when it comes to your case and you will be able to be honest with them. This kind of case can be very complicated from a legal standpoint however getting a qualified and good solicitor is the first step to being successful and having a will overturned or at least amended in your favour.

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